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Newtopia App "Welcome" Tutorial

2020 | Shavrick & Partners

Part of my role as UX design and copy strategy lead on the redesign of Newtopia's native app was designing a tutorial template that could be leveraged to educate users on any aspect of the app's functionality. I designed the flow and copy for this "welcome" tutorial users encounter immediately after the onboarding process. I also provided comprehensive copy direction for the entire app build, as included in the wireframe and specification documentation delivered.

Click the image below to view documentation/copy in a "zoomable" format.

Newtopia_Onboarding Tutorial.png

GE Entellisys System Interface

2015 - 2019 | Brand Studios

GE Entellisys is a switchgear technology used by electrical engineers to control and distribute low voltage power via systems installed onsite at hospitals, airports, corporate data centers, oil and gas plants, manufacturing centers, and water/ wastewater treatment plants. Over the course of several years, I developed and documented thousands of flows, screens, and states for the touchscreen interface that these engineers use to monitor and maintain these systems — covering everything from initial setup and customization to alarm status and event logging. In addition to architecting the entire experience, I wrote all of the copy to be used onscreen, as well as all the technical specifications for the solution, delivered in 10 individual decks, many over 100 pages long. The example provided here details the User Setting and Administration utilities included in the system.

GE_Entellisys Interface.png

FAQs for Travelers Private Insurance Lines

2017 | Travelers

In support of the redesign of, I analyzed help desk data, SEO data, and competitor websites to write a series of online FAQs for Travelers private insurance lines.


Travelers Digital Content Management System (DCM) Training Video Script

2013 | Travelers

Travelers adopted a Digital Content Management system (DCM) to ensure all content created for its website remained consistently aligned to the company's branding, SEO, user experience, and business unit strategies — a concept well understood by seasoned web content creators, but not so much ny insurance industry experts just wetting their feet in the discipline. I created this script to provide a high-level explanation of the process and resources involved in maintaining website content through the DCM to educate stakeholders throughout the enterprise.

Travelers_DCM Video Script.png

Delta Airlines Online Check-in Error Messaging Wireframes / Copy / GUI Specs

2009 | Travelers

Delta_Error Messaging OCI.png

In support of updates to both the back- and front-end systems powering, I architected the user experience, wrote the customer-facing copy, and detailed developer-facing GUI specs for system errors indicating edge-case disruptions customers might encounter when attempting to check in online.

Delta Airlines Irregular Operations (IROP) Case Study

2009 | Travelers

Wrote, designed, and presented case study about the complexities of redesigning the user experience for flight itinerary disruptions outside of the customer's control — which included some  documentation included in the GUI specs.


Business Continuity Plan & Disaster Recover Procedure Templates

2001 | MM&T, INCorporated

Developed and wrote dozens of turnkey FFIEC-compliant policy and procedure templates included in MM&T's fully-integrated CAPlus risk assessment, contingency planning, and disaster recovery software suite for financial institutions and credit unions.


Preface & "RFP" Article for Essential Hydraulics & Hydrology

1998 | Haestad Press

For its first official release, I ghostwrote the preface and an article giving civil engineers advice on using the (then fledgling) Internet to find Requests for Proposals for municipal and private projects.

Haestad_Preface & Article.png

Buster & Scoops' Caregiver Guide

Just for Fun

My passion for creating instructional content extends into my personal life. So naturally I created a detailed guide that anyone caring for my dog, Buster Brown, and cat, Sir Scoops Shackleton, in my absence can easily read and follow (including my nearly 80-year old parents).



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